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Equinoxe Shoulder:
20 Years of Clinical Use 

Shoulder 360| May 2-4  Booth #55

With 20 years of clinical use, the Equinoxe System offers the most complete shoulder solutions, proven through data generated by the largest single prosthesis database. At Shoulder 360, we'll provide an in-depth view of our data and latest innovations at our educational dinner and industry session. 

Stop by our booth #55 to learn more and see our groundbreaking innovations, including ExactechGPS navigation.

Latest Clinical Data 


ExactechGPS Shoulder: 2-Year Study

A new clinical study showed improved outcomes for patients, including range of motion and reduced postoperative complications.2

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Equinoxe Pick Your Tech_scapular acromial fracture rate after rTSA

Equinoxe Reverse Shoulder System

The groundbreaking reverse system addresses a myriad of surgical challenges, such as glenoid fixation, scapular notching and instability. Recent studies show 1.52% scapular /acromial fracture rate after rTSA with the Equinoxe System.4-5

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Equinoxe Anatomic Shoulder System

 The Equinoxe anatomic system replicates a patient’s unique anatomy in situ. At 8-year follow-up, it demonstrated 97.3% rTSA and 96% aTSA clinical survivorship.1

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Equinoxe Humeral Reconstruction System

The first-to-market biomechanically designed humeral reconstruction system provides a unique and stable solution for complex and challenging cases with humeral bone loss. A two-year study showed significant improvements in range of motion, pain and outcome scores, with no cases of humeral component loosening.3 

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